Product Review : ‘This Works’ – Deep Sleep Range

This Works 2a

 My bedside locker armed for a good nights sleep!

I don’t know about you, but I go through phases when I sleep well and phases when I sleep NOT so well. For the last month, my sleeping pattern hasn’t been great, between the wind howling, the dog barking downstairs, and Alex jumping in beside us, I’ve begun to see every hour on the clock!

I’m a great believer in what sleep you get before 12pm is the best, so I’m the kinda girl that will be in bed before 10pm (bad, I know!)…but If I’m up after 11pm, I really feel it the next day.

As a Pharmacist, I’ve always known Lavender is great for relaxation and helps you wind down at night. But when I tried out this product given to me by the company that owns it, I really couldn’t believe the difference it made – I literally had a full nights sleep for the first time in weeks.


 This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

As always, when I found out that it worked, I got a few other bits in the range. I literally spritz the spray all over my two pillows (It leaves a lovely fresh smell as well) and I use the balm on my pressure points.

I’ve always been a huge fan of candles (really?..I hear you ask! :-) ) so it seemed like the logical thing to try the candle in the range, so I light it about an hour before I go to bed so that there is a lovely lavender scent radiating in the room when its time to head up the stairs.

This Works 2

 This Works Deep Sleep Candle

When Alex was a baby and had colic, I remember using a Lavender Based, Baby Relaxation Oil on him, a homeopathic range that we keep instore. He loved it, I’d rub it on his legs, tummy and arms just before he went down to sleep (for about 2 hours before he woke again!), but the whole action itself, sort of relaxed me as well!

So I was mesmerised when I saw that there was a Baby Pillow Spray in the Range. Alex is fussy, so I try to spritz it on his pillow when he isn’t looking, but it’s been going down a treat!

This Works 4

 Baby Sleep Pillow Spray 

One thing I will say is that this range sells like hot cakes- we literally cannot keep it on the shelves.. We don’t currently sell it online, but its available in our Bundoran, Galway, Cavan and Bailieborough stores, but we can get any product, including this one transferred to the store of your choice, with a few days notice :-)

So sweet dreams to you all :-)

R xx

One thought on “Product Review : ‘This Works’ – Deep Sleep Range

  1. Can really comment on these with authority – had tried everything…no luck, waking up at around 4.30 every morning-you could set the clock by me. Yes, you introduced me and the answer is that they do work – actually slept through until 12 one morning, For those of you that have longed for a lie-in on say, Saturday or Sunday mornings when you might not have to be up, get out there and grab which ever one suits you best…there’s not a lot happening at 4 am in the morning !!

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